About Us

How we started

Redneck Salsa Company was started in 2013. The idea to start making the salsa came after my favorite Mexican restaurant back home in Tennessee closed down. It had the spiciest and most delicious salsa I had ever had. When it closed, my Dad and I started trying to figure out the recipe for their salsa. It took a few years of trying but in 2012, I finally came up with a recipe that I thought was close, but actually better. I let friends try the original salsa and everyone really liked it, but some said it was too spicy for them. This is how the other salsa's came to be. After seeing everyone's reactions to the new salsa's, I decided to try selling it. Since the salsa was so popular, I decided to try other sauces. My spaghetti sauce was the first sauce I ever made from scratch, so I decided to add it to the list of products. I am currently working on BBQ sauces and BBQ rubs now.